Sketchup 3D design and 3D printing - Beginners

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This 3D modelling course introduces the general operations of Sketchup and teaches how to model 3D objects and print them on a 3D printer. It covers setting up your work space, downloading useful tools, navigating the work space, creating 3D objects then exporting them ready for 3D printing.

Students will get a demonstration of 3D printing at the end of the course.

The course covers the following items:

  • Set up work space, download useful tools.
  • Navigation around the 3d environment
  • Drawing of 3D shapes and joining them, check and repair any faults.
  • Advanced tools, follow-me, outline trace.
  • You will design two functional objects on the course and export them ready to print.
  • Grouping, components and layer organisation
  • Load 3D file into printer and 3D printer demonstration