Turkish Cuisine

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Turkish cooking combines the best of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It relies heavily on the freshest vegetables, fragrant olive oil, grilling and the flavours of many ingredients.

Combined with this Mediterranean sensibility are Middle Eastern notes – lamb, rice, dried fruits, grape leaves and yoghurt. The spicing of Turkish food too is Middle Eastern: cinnamon and saffron appear in savoury dishes, and chillis are used to add flavour. Turkish food is not complicated cooking, it is about getting simple cooking absolutely right.

 Experienced chef, Anna Sephton will show you how to create delicious, authentic Turkish food. You will learn to make dishes such as spicy kofta meatballs, roasted stuffed eggplant, lamb kebabs and the perfect pide (turkish flat bread) and several delicious and refreshing dips. You will also discover how to create a sumptuous Turkish meze feast. $30 is payable on the first night to your Tutor. This covers all ingredients you will be using in both classes.




 "This is one of the best cooking courses I have attended and I highly recommend it. Fantastic teacher, fantastic recipes. I used to think that Turkish food was bland, but not anymore. I love the taste. Today I cooked what Anna taught us in the first session for 13 of my work colleagues. They loved it. So many compliments!” - Anne Mohammed Ali


“I liked the relaxed style of Anna's class and the way she is readily available to assist if required. The food was great. it introduced me to a new style of cooking and flavours, which I intend to cook in future. I thought all the recipes were delicious and would definitely recommend this course to others.” - Gary McAuliffe









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