Baby Sitting & First Aid Skills

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Learn the skills and knowledge required to be an efficient, safe and skilled sitter

Covers basic skills such as feeding, nappy changing and emergency procedures as well as first aid skills such as bandaging, what to do in the case of cuts, choking, burns etc and CPR. The course is suitable for Intermediate and College aged students.


Why take the Babysitting Course?

Babysitting is a responsibility, it’s not just a job. As a babysitter you are responsible for the human beings left in your care and there is lots to learn about the caring of children. If an emergency should occur would you know what to do? Would you know who to call? Would you know how to give apply first aid? Would you know how to rescue someone who is choking?  All of these situations require training and without it a person should not be taking care of someone elses’ children.