SEO for Small Business (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Every business can benefit from SEO! Learn the fundamentals from a Google Certified SEO Guru and Co-Founder David Partis to increase visitors on your website, tune for key words, how to gain control of your position on the search engine rankings, site monitoring and much more.

Our relaxed but hugely popular and professional full day courses are perfect for any business owner.

 Module 1 - Introduction and Overview

Website Optimisation Key Concepts This module covers foundation material on Digital Marketing in general and what website optimisation is. David talks us through his model of Digital Marketing in this day and age and where the relationships between SEO and SEM are and what aspects are important these days. We learn that how to be found on the internet involves a number of important factors and good design and planning at the beginning is always important.

Module 2 - Keywords and Keyphrases

We discuss keywords and key-phrases, and how to check what your competitors are using. We also cover tools on how to find out how popular keywords are across the Search Engines in general. One of the most important areas to use keywords is in the selection of your domain name and page and directory names.

Module 3 - Website SEO Preparation

We introduce a few basic preparation things that we can do when we build our website to make the website easier found in the search engines. Things like preparing a sitemap file for the search engine to find and the naming of pages and domain names. Also there is a brief mention about permalinks.

Module 4 - On Page Factors

We introduce the basics of on-page factors which make up to 20% of any search engine marketing campaign, including all the visible and invisible aspects of your website. The visible aspects we cover are the make-up and use of page titles, heading tags and content included on your web-page. Invisible factors are the Meta Tags, Descriptions, Keywords and using Alt text on images.

Module 5 - Off Page Factors

This module covers Page Rank, in-bound and out-bound links and linked anchor text. Off page factors make up 80% of any search engine marketing campaign.

Module 6 - SEO Tools and Webmaster Consoles

Here we cover the two main webmaster consoles for the top 2 search engines, Google and Bing. We cover how to find these webmaster consoles and briefly how to set them up for monitoring.

If we get time at the end of all this we can go through a bit on Google Adwords.




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Course Prerequisites

There are no hard and fast pre-requisites for this course, however a basic understanding of computers and in general Microsoft applications and the use of navigation menus and toolbars is recommended.