Google - Best Practices

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Is Google taking over the world? It might seem that way with the Android operating system embedded in many cell phones, TV sets and home devices (Alexa: what is the weather today). This course aims to show you that Google is a lot more than just the world’s most popular search engine.

  • Chrome – with over 60% of the internet browser market (June 2019; next most popular Safari with 16%), Chrome is also arguably the safest and easiest to use
  • Google Office – the most comprehensive and fully compatible rival to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and did you know it’s free
  • Google Drive – back up your photos to the cloud where they are secure and shareable with others
  • Google Images, Maps, Translate, News, Shopping and YouTube – many of these services we’d be lost without
  • Google Search – basic searching is very effective but there are many more tricks and techniques you can use to more precisely get the results you want

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