Beat The Game of Stress

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Put failed attempts at managing stress behind you and learn the tools to transform stress into a positive force for change and growth.

This practical course empowers you with the mind set science that allows you to TRANSFORM stress, and not just manage it. The course is informative, eye-opening and very experiential. You’ll walk away with ground-breaking knowledge and tools which you can apply in your life straight away in order to transform stress and boost wellbeing. When you stop trying to manage stress, and instead focus on transforming it, you are able to tap into inherent states of energy, growth, connection, focus and meaning. Stress becomes a fuel, and not a foe.

No more failed attempts at dealing with stress. A practical course you’ll wish you had known about earlier.SIGN UP NOW and be sure to tell someone you know who’s struggling with stress to join you too!

This is a 3 part course, Monday & Wednesday night from 6:30pm to 9pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm



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