In the Kitchen

Our experienced tutor’s, who range in nationalities and cultures, are energetic, patient and professional and there are classes to suit the novice or the aspiring master chef. We offer both evening  course’s and weekend workshops.

Students are required to bring two tea towels, a sharp knife, a butter knife, a fork and a spoon to all classes. Aprons are optional. Any additional material lists will be sent out on registration for individual courses. Please note: Ingredient fees are not included in the advertised price unless stated otherwise.

In many of our classes, ingredients can be purchases in advance, direct from the tutor for a cost of $10 to $15 per week depending on the dishes you are going to create.

Course Name Duration Price
Amazing Arancini Balls
1 night $45.00 incl.
Around the World Street Foods
3 weeks $120.00 incl.
Baking - Cakes and Treats
3 weeks $99.00 incl.
Baking - Slices and Cookies
3 weeks $99.00 incl.
Balinese Cuisine
3 weeks $115.00 incl.
Barista Course with NZQA Credits
3 weeks $279.00 incl.
Cake Decorating - Christmas Workshop
1 night $25.00 incl.
Cake Decorating with Buttercream
6 weeks $120.00 incl.
Cake Decorating with Fondant
6 weeks $120.00 incl.
Chickpea and Eggplant Curry (V/Veg/GF)
1 night $39.00 incl.
Cooking with Confidence - No experience needed!
3 weeks $65.00 incl.
Cup Cake Creations - Halloween Cupcake Decorations
For all Halloween fans, a night not to be missed!
1 evening $50.00 incl.
Cup Cake Creations (Flowers)
1 night $50.00 incl.
Cup Cake Creations (Kids Theme)
1 night $50.00 incl.
Curry Night
1 night $35.00 incl.
Dumpling Night
1 night $40.00 incl.
Easy Spice Blends and Homemade Bases for Curry
1 night $41.00 incl.
Indian Cooking
3 weeks $65.00 incl.
Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
1 Night $39.00 incl.
Italian Cooking
3 weeks $110.00 incl.
Korean Cuisine
1 night $49.00 incl.
Lebanese Cuisine
3 weeks $115.00 incl.
Make your own Chai-Tea and Pakora (Veg/GF)
1 night $39.00 incl.
Making Sauerkraut
1 night $40.00 incl.
Mediterranean Cuisine
3 weeks $65.00 incl.
MenoChef™ Cookery Day
1day $0.00 incl.
Mexican Cuisine
3 weeks $65.00 incl.
Pasta Workshop
1 day $89.00 incl.
Plant Based Cooking
4 weeks $139.00 incl.
Spanish Tapas
2 weeks $39.00 incl.
Tasty Thai Banquet
1 day $99.00 incl.
Teddy Bear Fondant Modelling Workshop
1 day $45.00 incl.
Vietnamese Street Food
3 weeks $115.00 incl.